Cut the risk from the business with the film

We offer you a cutting device with a control panel and installation materials.

Thanks to such a set you can cut protection for any device available in the database from a universal-size material.

Offer your customer different protection options: materials for the screen and the entire body along with the installation service.

Reports and analyses in a special management system.


A compact cutting plotter with a control panel, having an access to the data base of models to be protected.


Universal-size protective materials with different aesthetic and functional properties.


Offer different protective variants (for the screen and for the entire body) along with the installation service on the customer’s device.

The leading system of complete protection of smartphones tablets smartwatches other devices

360° protection

Complete protection of the screen, back and sides of the device.

Different materials

Films for flat and rounded screen and body; transparent, matt, anti-crash, decorative etc.

Easy to apply

Always successful installation with the EasyApp system in “wet” and “dry” variants.

Full offer without risk

Do not send the customer empty-handed. Earn from any protection he is seeking.