What is CUT&USE system?

We offer you a cutting device with a control panel and installation materials.

Thanks to such a set you can cut protection for any device available in the database from a universal-size material.

Offer your customer different protection options: materials for the screen and the entire body along with the installation service.

Reports and analyses in a special management system.

If you want

Be ahead
of the competition

offering products

for the latest devices

Show yourself
as a specialist

which customers trust

and they come back to him.


offering comprehensive

protection with assembly.

your offer

not increasing


the CUT & USE system is for you!

Look how simple intuitive innovative it is

  • join the fastest growing industry for mobile device accessories
  • without any commercial or warehouse risk or the need to incur significant investment costs
  • do not send customers empty handed

Protection not only for smartphones

  • smartphones, tablets, GPS navigations, cameras, watches, and more
  • over 5000 device models available immediately
  • including the latest devices and older ones
  • we add new ones every day

Not just for the screen

  • in addition to screen film, back and side films
  • full protection of the entire device, not just the screen
  • you choose the variant of protection for the screen and the rest of the device

Films with unique properties

You will be able to offer your clients not only protection, but protection combined with additional value .
  • 3D Expert v.2 self-healing film
  • 3D Expert MAT mat protection for back and sides
  • ClearCARBON – carbon pattern film
  • antiCRASH up to 5 times screen reinforcement
  • for flat and curved screens


  • super fast dry application using our own EasyApp KIT and PLUG
  • precise wet application
  • video manuals available directly in C&U Control Software and at our Youtube channel

Cutting devices

  • we use devices from Silhouette – a world leader in the field of plotters
  • most control points = highest cutting quality
  • manufacturer’s vast experience = reliability
  • massive scale of production = low price of the device
  • continuous development = the shortest cutting times
  • many years of presence on the market = easy availability, quick service

Two-module software

The system consists of two applications: control software and management software.