Cutting devices of the CUT & USE system


Advantages of CUT&USE plotters

Before being introduced to the offer, the CUT & USE plotters undergo rigorous tests. As part of the tests, all aspects affecting the quality of the cut, cutting speed and reliability of the device itself are checked. As a user of the CUT&USE system, you can be sure that you are working on reliable equipment.


Tested by users all over the world, they have a very good reputation.


Unsurpassed cutting precision guarantees perfectly tailored protection.


Possibility of individual adaptation of the device (branding).

Current cutting equipment CUT&USE


Device model

Portrait 2/3 PRO

Max size of protection

11 inches up to 16 inches (do 255 mm)
wearables, smartphones, tablets,
laptops and other electronic devices

Usage limitations

screen and back of the device (without sides) screen, back and sides of the device


Bluetooth WiFi 2,4 / 5GHz


1,58kg 8kg


41,1 x 14 x 11,2 cm 57,2 x 18,1 x 16,8 cm

Extra Features

  • small, handy, convenient to carry
  • cost effective solution for those just starting out the business
  • a tablet or smartphone with bluetooth support and CUT&USE application installed are required for cutting
  • plotter-smartphone connection via bluetooth
  • smartphone or tablet with the application requires an Internet connection
  • built-in touchable, clear and sensitive 5.5-inch FHD screen to support all operations (similar to those used in smartphones)
  • always up-to-date application with a database of 20,000+ contours in various variants - updated on a regular basis (Internet connection required)
  • enables cutting of harder and thicker materials (pressure force 1000g)
  • automatically set parameters of the knife and automatic insertion, setting and ejection of the material sheet
  • no need for a pad/mat use when cutting
  • 5 material guide rollers = greater cutting precision
  • wifi + ethernet
  • built-in code scanner

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Discontinued devices

The Cameo 3 and Cameo 4 models are no longer offered under the CUT&USE system.

Cameo 3

Cameo 4

All devices included in the CUT&USE set are covered by a 12-month warranty, which is carried out by local distributors of the CUT&USE system. In the event of a device failure, it is most often replaced with another, free from defects, without undue delay and formalities.