MySKIN protective films with your own imprint

Phone protection that does not disfigure but decorates? Yes, it is possible with MySKIN!


new in CUT&USE system

Create protection,
which will delight
the customer.

The MySKIN system allows you to print any graphics, text or photos on a special photographic foil, additionally secured protective foil that you mount on the housing devices. The client chooses and adjusts the graphics by himself using an easy-to-use editor available online at You print the project and mount the foil. You sell more, you earn more. Quickly and conveniently.

What do you get?

  • Unique and competitive product / service,
  • More customers thanks to the MySKIN system,
  • Higher margin – customers are willing to pay more for a personalized service,
  • Greater opportunities to build an optimized offer
No customer will leave empty-handed. A new, competitive dimension of the service. Attract new customers. Increase your sales and margin. And all this without unnecessary inventory, because you get the films in a universal size.

Design and protection

The detailed full-color print is applied to a high-quality photographic foil and is later laminated with a 3D EXPERT protective foil. EXPERT 3D foil protects both the print and the surface of the device.

MySKIN photo film
3D Expert protective film

How does MySKIN work?

    1. The customer at home, at work, at school, in the shop
      • selects an image / photo / text
      • using the online editor, he adjusts it to the shape of the film corresponding to the backs of his device
      • saves the project in the cloud and receives a special project code.
    2. From the level of the CUT&USE application, you find a project based on the code, print graphics, cut films and assemble.
Simple and easy process to be carried out through the point of sale. PROFIT for you, SATISFACTION for the customer.

What do you get
thanks to MyScreen style?