antiCRASH BacteriaFREE

Did you know …

The phone has become an inseparable companion of our everyday lives. We wake up, have breakfast, work, meet our friends and go to sleep with it.

According to the data from Apple, the users of their devices unlock the screen 80 times a day, on average. This is 6-7 times an hour. A typical user touches their device 2617 times, while some do it even up to 5400 times. Various testsprove that cellphones carry even 5 times more bacteria and microorganisms that doorknobs, shoe soles or … toilet seats!
antiCRASH BacteriaFREE the only anti-crash film with BacteriaFREE layer containing ions of silver, which reduces almost 100% of the most notorious bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • reduces almost 100% of the most notorious bacteria
  • long-lasting protection even up to 6 months
  • safe for the user


The anti-crash film reinforces screen damage resistance even 5-times more effectively. It is the first TPU film deprived of the orange peel effect and with self-healing function. Small scratches disappear naturally in maximum 24 hours.
reinforces the screen
up to 5-times more effectivelly
for the screen and body
also for the screens with
rounded edges
material used in
arms industry


antiCRASH BacteriaFREE has the self-healing function. Minor scratches disappear naturally in about 24 hours.

This makes the film look like new for a longer time.


antiCRASH BacteriaFREE film is reinforced withby an anti-smudge layer which makes fingerprints and dirt easy to remove.

It also improves the touch of the screen making it smooth.


antiCRASH BacteriaFREE guarantees triple protection against:
  • bacteria
  • crashing and scratches
  • dirt


The exceptionally tough adhesive layer makes the film adhere very well to:

  • screens (also curved ones)
  • body

Wet application guarantees precise installation.