Why choose CUT&USE

Holistic approach

Why look for another supplier of glass and another supplier of covers when you can have everything from one reliable supplier.


We provide various solutions tailored to market needs, so you have the choice. Adjust the offer to yourself!


We have been on the market since 2004. Always up to date, we follow changes. We have our own patented solutions.

An offer that suits you and the market

We know how difficult it is to operate on the market in this industry. New devices, new technologies, new materials, constantly changing conditions. That is why our offer is not standard. As part of cooperation, we are able to offer solutions optimized for specific market conditions.

Two-shelf offer

Premium product, where you have the opportunity to earn better.
Low-budget product when you have to fight for the price.

Types of screen protector outlines

Simple outline
Cutting time for iPhone 7 - 23 sec.
Detailed outline
Cutting time for iPhone 7 - 1 min. 9 sec.

Case-friendly design

Specially reduced designs for devices where the customer wants to use a protective cover.

0 +

not only for GSM, but also for different devices - updated daily.

For the screen, back
and sides of the device.

On-demand designing
for missing outlines.

Worry-free installation

Save time and material on reliable, precise assembly.

Fast, dry application using EasyApp KIT and PLUG systems.

Professionall, wet application using the CUT & USE installation gel.

Support at every stage of cooperation

Dedicated account manager

Will explain to you in an understandable way all aspects of the offer and the principles of the system.

Knowledge base (F.A.Q.)

A collection of useful information to help you solve simple problems when working with the system.

Direct contact to tech support

In case of more serious problems, you can call or write an email – you are not alone with the problem.