360 protection - a completely protected device

We have always dreamed of creating the perfect protection. And finally one day – we succeeded. An idea that has become a fact.

What is 360 protection°

In short, there are two protective films:

  • first one for the screen,
  • and the second one for the back and sides of the device.

You choose what kind of material you will mount on the screen and what on the remaining surface.

A common feature of these films is that they are perfectly matched to the screen, surface, but also to each other.

Protection on time

  • You don’t have to wait anymore for covers and tempered glasses for the latest devices
  • You don’t have to keep in stock dedicated glasses, films and covers for older devices
  • You don’t have to worry that it won’t match because it fits – always
  • You don’t have to rely on what the manufacturer offers a set of screen + back – with us you decide what material you propose for the screen and which for the back and sides of the device